Would you like to offer high-quality and engaging virtual programs to your community at no charge?

Offering ways to engage with your community online is no easy task, especially around the topic of health information. Let us do the heavy lifting – we’ll give you all the tools you need to connect your community with quality and engaging health programs. The NAPC offers quarterly virtual programs to help public libraries connect with their community on health topics that are relevant to them. In the past, we’ve held panel discussions, film screenings, author talks, and more.

How can you use the NAPC Virtual Health Programming Series to connect with your community?

Check out our upcoming events. If you see an event that would be of interest to your community, you can:

  • Promote it by downloading the customizable marketing material...
  • Livestream it on your library’s Facebook page. Sign up to become a promotional partner by clicking on the I want to be a Promotional Partner link under each event. When you sign up to live stream the event, you will get a customized toolkit.
  • Host a live watch party or other program featuring local resources and speakers.

Do you need funding to support a live watch party for an upcoming virtual program?

The NAPC offers funding to public libraries to host health programs in partnership with All of Us to get communities excited about participating in biomedical research and to help interested community members enroll in the All of Us Research Program If you’re interested in learning more about these funding opportunities, please contact us.

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Upcoming and Past Events

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

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Topics for Consideration

We’re busy planning our events calendar for the year and we want your help! Look at the topics we’re considering and vote on the one you think would interest your community the most!

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